Virtual Coupon Clipping

The holidays are coming up, which means you can expect another season of frenzied shoppers trying to find the best deals, both in person and online.  You’re familiar with the concept of coupons, but you just can’t be bothered to browse through those coupon magazines, finding and clipping the ones that apply to you.  Maybe you’ll take advantage of a Black Friday sale, but that doesn’t require any extra effort (besides physically getting your hands on the product on that busy day).

For these reasons, I prefer to do a lot of my holiday shopping online.  Today I’d like to share a tip with you that is easy to implement and will save you plenty of money on online purchases and shipping.  Use RetailMeNot!

Whatever website you are about to purchase something from, you should search on this website first.  It is a catalog of coupon codes that you can enter during “checkout” to get discounts and often free shipping.  No leafing through pages and pages of advertisements, and no storing them in your wallet until it is about to burst.  Just simple strings of letters and numbers that you can copy and paste to keep some savings on each and every online purchase.  After you do this for the first time, you’ll wonder how much money you could have saved if you knew about this before.

So take advantage of it!  Happy bargain hunting, as you think of creative and thoughtful gifts to give your loved ones for the holidays!


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