EOM August 2013

My savings rate for August was 65%.

I spent $58.21 on alcohol, $118.58 on eating out, $65.49 on gasoline and $206.66 on groceries.

I spent $6.24 on gaming and $9.43 on other entertainment.  This last line makes me laugh because I played a whole bunch of video and tabletop games this month, and did a lot of other entertaining things as well.  I guess all of those good times were mostly free!

This alone would not have brought my savings rate down to 65%, but as you know from my previous post I decided to splurge on an artful, personal gift for the love of my life.  I can see it hanging on my wall as I write this post!

I also just got back from my bachelor party, which happened to be on the same long weekend as my birthday.  My closest friends were there, all of whom have known me for years, and most of whom have known me since kindergarten.  They make me feel rich indeed.

This month, after closing out my spreadsheet for August, I decided to run some numbers and came up with the following fun facts:

  • I created my spreadsheet in December 2011 (which was 21 months ago).
  • Since I started to track each individual transaction in my spreadsheet, I’ve entered 1339 lines representing different gains, expenses, and transfers from one account to another.
  • My total net worth has gone from negative (student loan and car loan debt greater than assets) to positive.
  • I created this blog in January 2013 (8 months ago).
  • According to my average monthly spending, my total liquid net worth (not including investment gains) would completely fund my current lifestyle for 13 months.  This is my emergency fund.
  • According to my average monthly spending, my total net worth (including 401ks, IRAs, etc… but not counting on future gains or losses) would completely fund my current lifestyle for 39 months.  This is my retirement fund.

So there you have it.  Another month done and gone.  Each month doesn’t seem like much on its own, but when I use my spreadsheet to examine the big picture I can see the snowball effect beginning.  Onward and upward!  Happy saving!