EOM June 2013

My savings rate for June = 61%.

I spent $0 on gaming this month!

I spent exactly my regular monthly average of $70 on alcohol this month.  Same for my monthly $10 cell phone bill, $35 heat/electric bill, and rent.  No surprises there.

I spent more than usual on gasoline and on groceries (about double) due to a wonderful visit from my parents.  I wanted to keep them well fed and also show them around.  Although this lowered my savings rate a bit this month, it was well worth it!  These are the kinds of things it is important to spend on.  And I can easily afford it because of how good I am at saving up!

In the same vein, I shelled out $100 to rent my apartment complex’s guest apartment for the night that my childhood friends rolled through with their band, Swear & Shake.  They regularly tour the eastern half of the United States and this was their first show in Madison, WI!  So naturally I wanted to see them, make them comfortable, and show them a good time.  Again, well worth it.

Some other reasons my savings rate was lower than usual this month:

  • I made my semiannual auto insurance payment for $400.  I’ve been meaning to shop around for cheaper insurance.  Upcoming post maybe?
  • I spent about $100 on new summer clothes.  Since I’ve been keeping track, I’ve been spending about $165 on new clothes annually.  You can tell I’m not much of a shopper, although I do take advantage of the low prices at Kohls (I shop there almost exclusively).
  • I also made a cash withdrawal of $175 to refill my wallet.  They only take cash at the local farmer’s market I go to, and I also wanted cash on hand for my recent business trip.

It was a fun month, including a visit from my parents, from old friends, and a camping trip.  Even with all of this going on, I still managed to save 61% of my after-tax earnings!  I am still confident that by the end of this year, my overall savings rate for 2013 will be greater than my overall savings rate for 2012 (67%).  Onward and upward!

And remember, the best things in life are free… like this view!



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