EOM March 2013

I don’t have any fancy graphs and data for March because I want to keep certain things to myself, namely the exact prices of certain significant expenses.  This past month my lady friend and I got engaged, and we booked a one-week trip to Jamaica later this year for when we will surely require a break from wedding planning.  These were easily my biggest expenses for the month, but by following my own advice from a previous post I was still able to keep my March savings rate closer to my 2013 goal than it is to the national average.  Not too shabby!  We are continuing to use these rather obvious methods to save money as we plan our wedding.

After spending more than I should have on alcoholic beverages in February, my interesting experiment for March was to not spend a cent on these.  I still drank, but only when it was given freely.  This led to an extreme decline in the number of weekday beers I consumed.  Coincidentally, I seem to have lost five pounds without changing my diet or exercise habits.  How about that.

I hope to do something similar this month: no spending money on eating out!  I promised the lady friend I’d treat her to frozen yogurt when her March Madness team lost, and she didn’t seem to mind that I bought a tub instead of taking her out.  So I’m already saving money from this initiative!  What’s funny is that I will still probably eat out at restaurants about five times this month.  Once as a treat from my lady friend, once using a gift card I was given, and thrice on a business trip.  None of these will cost me a cent.

People really do spend a lot of money on these things.  By cutting back on enjoying them just a little, I was able to cut my spending on them entirely.  Considering I still get to enjoy these things, it doesn’t feel at all like I’m sacrificing anything.  And my wallet is certainly happy about it.


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