Concerning Green Pilgrims

Hi Everybody!  If you are here reading the first chapter of my story then I presume that you are interested in saving money, becoming financially independent, or even retiring early!  Well read on, fellow pilgrims.  I am not the first to blaze this trail, but my hope is to leave helpful markings for you along the way.

When I began this journey I felt awfully like Bilbo Baggins.  My position allowed me to live as comfortably as I wanted without thinking about the future.  But there was something missing.  I felt wanderlust, and a desire for complete freedom that my comfortable position did not allow.  I also imagined that a different lifestyle would be more fulfilling and help me learn more about the world.  Put another way, I preferred to be Gandalf.  So I resolved to pursue this new goal, and help other travelers on their way from hobbit to wizard.

Of course, this most famous wizard is often known as the grey pilgrim; and now you understand the title of the blog.  I chose green for its associations with money and good clean earthy living.

Join me, won’t you?  The road isn’t quite as risky as you may think, and the reward is great!


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